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Euro Truck Simulator 2 FULL-elguenTq

552.97 Mb

• Released in Steam: 16 January 2013
• Genre: Simulation  Business  Racing
• Developer: SCS Software
• Publisher: Excalibur Publishing
• Publisher in Russia: Akella
• Publication Type: Digital License [Steam-Rip]
• Language * : Russian / English / Ukrainian / German / Georgian / MulTi30
• Tablet: Present (DeZoMoR4iN  SKIDROW Steam Emulator)
* Language of the game "by default" depends on the system locale. Switching the language is the same as in the game settings.

Minimum System Requirements:
√ Operating System: Windows 8 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows Vista SP2 / Widows XP SP3
√ Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo at 2Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz
√ Memory: 1 GB RAM
√ Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 Graphics Card GT with 512 MB or similar ATI
√ Sound Card: Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0
√ Hard Drive Space: 2 GB

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 gives you the experience of managing the most powerful cars ever to appear on highways and motorways highways of Europe.
You can go all the way - From the enthusiast-truck driver, to the owner of its own transportation empire. Customize trucks from scratch, as expand your
fleet, hire drivers, buy a garage in every town and researchblow every way - And that's only part of the available options.

• Here is the whole of Europe - From the UK to Poland.
• Always place all kinds of goods in more than 60 cities.
• Reproduced thousands of miles of real road network - With hundreds of famous sights.
• Expanding opportunities for tuning and styling trucks - From increased productivity to replacement headlights, hooters & exhaust pipes.

Release Information:
• Steam Application ID: 227300
• Steam Store Link:
• Signature of the purchase: Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Steam Store)
• System of protection: Steamworks
• Game Version: 1.4.1s
• Content uploaded 10 July 2013, and is identical to the licensed version of the game distributed in Steam.
• No need for third-party installers and updates.
• Game content is packaged in a simple installer with little compression.


• Tipikus telepítés:
1. Futtasd a setup.exe fájlt,
2. Telepítsd
3. Másold a Crack mappa tartalmát a játék gyökerébe,
4. Play

• Installing via Steam Client: (Only for holders of a license key)
Figyelmeztetés: Mielőtt telepíted a Steam kliens-t, a játékkal kell már regisztrálni a fiókodba, és a Steam kliens - zárva.

Automata telepítés:
1. Futtasd a  "SteamInstallHelper.exe" fájlt,
2. Telepítsd követve az instrukciókat,
3. Play.

Manuális telepítés:
1. Futtasd a  "Setup.exe"-t
2. Telepítsd a játékot a Steam kliens mappába (* folder with the Steam client * steamapps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2)
3. Másold a "Depot" mappa teljes tartalmát Steam client gyökérbej,
4. Play.
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