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Helyezés: 4.0/2

Silent Hill 2 Directors Cut PC

1.25 GB

General Information:
Year of release : 2002
Genre : Action / 3rd Person / Survival Horror
Developer : Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher : Konami / SoftKlab
Publication Type : Repack
Language : English, Russian, German, Italian, French
Language voice : English
Crack : enclosing
On Translation : Sewn text fan translation from Jekyll Grim Payne aka Ashigaru version 2.5, the Russian language is inserted in place of the Spanish (English text is stored) is replaced by the font (exe-file from Tolyan366 and WarMaker), slightly amended text in the options menu Author repack and fixes translation : braindead1986

System requirements:
√ Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98/2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7 √ Processor: 0.7 GHz
√ Memory: 64 MB
√ Video Card: DirectX 8.1 support
√ Sound Card: DirectX 8.1 support
√ Input devices: keyboard / mouse or gamepad
√Hard disk space: 2.5 GB

James Sunderland - a broken man. Having lost his wife Mary who died three years ago from an illness, he suddenly receives a letter from her name. In the letter, she called him back to a place, a former special for both - the town of Silent Hill. With Silent Hill wonderful memories associated pair. However, when James comes back to the car, he discovers that the tunnel leading to the city is blocked. Continuing his journey on foot, he sees that a lot has changed in Silent Hill. His once busy streets are empty now, and the whole city is enveloped by dense fog. Only a silent nightmare creating roam on it. It becomes clear that the city is not so simple, and is on its way to the truth, James experiences a other lost souls that this place seems to attract

Extra Information:
Repack Features:
- The basis - the license from Konami;
- version of the game - 1.1;
- cured bug with sound;
- do not cut or compressed;
- Registry keys stored - it affects events Silent Hill 3 at the second passage;
- Choice of Russian or English directly during the game
- Added a hack that allows you to run the game with the correct aspect ratio on modern widescreen monitors;
- videos appear correctly in both 4:3 and 16:9 (16:10)
- a simple and convenient installer;
- The installation - about five minutes

Widescreen hack:
In order to run the game on widescreen monitors use sh2pcw1.exe (for 16:9 aspect ratio) or sh2pcw2.exe (for the aspect ratio 16:10) in a folder with a game. After starting, select the appropriate resolution in the game options (the "Options" - "Advanced Options")

Attention! When the resolution in a widescreen aspect ratio can be violated image. In this case, save the settings and restart the game
In today's multi-processor systems game can take off for a long time to boot or even hang at startup. In such a case, you can try to use this fix . To install, replace the exe-files game content archive "Silent Hill 2 Dark Engine Fix"

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